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Interlink Technology LLC offers customers all-around with professional CCTV installation in Abu Dhabi. With the support and love from our beloved customers, we can hold the leading CCTV camera installation company in Abu Dhabi. We’re quick, we’re professional, and we’re convenient. Either you can come to us, or we’ll go to your place. If you desire to install CCTV cameras in your home office or any other area to keep track of the purposes for security and surveillance, then we are here to help you out. Our highly experienced technicians are experts in handling the most difficult camera installation service with utmost ease.


We provide a large range of CCTV cameras and systems to suit any budget From D.I.Y to fully installed.


We provide a wide range of access point technology and systems.


We can tailor an Alarm System to suit your needs, from Residential to Commercial properties the possibilities are endless.


We supply a range of Audio & Video Intercom systems to suit your needs.

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Why Choose Our Security Systems for your Home or Office?

Since beginning our operations in this industry many years ago, we have gone above and beyond to ensure outstanding results for every customer, which is reflected by the great testimonials we receive. All of our technicians are fully qualified and will thoroughly install all of these appropriate security measures to wherever you need. Every one of the systems recommended by our company has undergone careful testing to ensure they fit perfectly with whatever application required of them.

We will tailor match and install a system that fits your property perfectly, giving you peace of mind and a much more secure feeling overall.

Let us help find the system that is right for you

Our security system installation specialists can inspect and assess your premises, discuss your needs and provide you with the right advice on business and home security systems in UAE to suit your requirements. We have a professional and friendly team who would love to talk with you about your security needs.

Whether you’re looking at a new home build, want to improve the security of your existing house or want better security for your workplace, our professional team can provide a security system installation in UAE that is custom-tailored to your exact needs. All of our products and services can be personalised to provide you with the best custom security solution possible.

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